Sermon Notes

& Community Group Questions

Sermon Notes 05-12-19

Lord, teach us to pray 

Prayer of persistence

Luke 18:1-8


Pray and never give up. 


(1-8a) The lesson: pray and never give up.








(8b) The question: are we watching and praying?








So what?














Next Sunday, 5/19, we will look at Luke 18:9-14 and the prayer of humility. Do you pray like you’re better than other people? Find out next Sunday.


Community Group Questions


Read: Luke 11:1-13


What jumps out to you in this passage? Is there anything from the message that struck you? 


What does Luke say is the point of the parable Jesus tells? 


What does ‘always pray’ mean? 


What did the corrupt judge do for the vulnerable widow?

Why did he do it? 

How is God like and not like the judge?

What is justice? 

Why does God give justice? 


What do you do if God’s response to your prayer does not come when you want it? How easy is it to give up?


How can we, individually and together, take one step in the area of prayer this summer? 


Lord, teach us to pray – some simple steps:

Set a reminder for 9:38am every day. This is a reminder for us to “pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.” Mt 9:38.  

Keep a prayer journal where you record your prayers and the ways that the Lord answers them. 

Sign up for a weekly prayer encouragement through the summer. 

Read Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life.